Karen and Rein are the proud owners of Villa Karein. They have visited Bali for many years and they have a special relationship with the Island. Their hometown is the Netherlanders, where Rein has his own building/design company. Karen is a successful photographer and stylist. They both used their years of experiences and skills to make Villa Karein a real paradise! They are the proud parents of 4 children. They love to travel the world together as much as possible to keep inspired. Through the years they had several houses on Bali. But villa Karein is different! Karen and Rein created a home in a combination with beautiful Indonesian handcraft. They used many natural elements such as bamboo and high-quality wood. Surrounded by paddy fields, Balinese temples. With the luxury facilities of the villa and the amazing well-trained staff, you will feel pampered 24/7!

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